7 Myth-Busting Holiday Traditions

When the holiday season comes about, people are usually in a hustle and bustle to buy gifts, set up the Christmas tree, host parties, drink till they’re nauseated and eat more than they can digest – that’s just the holiday spirit! We may have grown up in a home with a different culture, but some of Christmas’ most popular ones have somehow been passed from generation to generation, mostly in the West but also around the world. Today we are here to bust those myths. As a grown up, you need to know the truth. And we are here to tell you 7 Myth-Busting Holiday Traditions:

10 Super Cool Things You HAVE To Own

Christmastime is just round the corner and if you’ve been good, you can wish for any of these items listed here and you might just find it under your tree! These things are just too cool to pass over…

10 Amazing facts about India you weren’t aware of.

India as we all know, is a land of diverse cultures and religion with a rich Historic background. With 29 States and 7 Union territories It is the second most populated Country with over 1.2 billion people and the most populous Democracy in the world. Well, these are just a couple of well-known facts. Here are some bizarre facts you probably weren’t aware of:


1. India Has six seasons listed in the hindu calendar : Summer autmn ,winter, spring, monsoon and Prevernal.



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