5 People Who Eloped With Inanimate Objects

If you think your marriage is one where you are receiving no signals, no love from your partner, think again. Because there are actually a number of people from around the world who have not only fallen in love, but actually gotten “married” to inanimate objects! Image that! There is actually a scientific psychological name for it called: “Objectophilia”. Here are 5 People Who Eloped With Inanimate Objects. Be prepared to be speechless…

7 Myth-Busting Holiday Traditions

When the holiday season comes about, people are usually in a hustle and bustle to buy gifts, set up the Christmas tree, host parties, drink till they’re nauseated and eat more than they can digest – that’s just the holiday spirit! We may have grown up in a home with a different culture, but some of Christmas’ most popular ones have somehow been passed from generation to generation, mostly in the West but also around the world. Today we are here to bust those myths. As a grown up, you need to know the truth. And we are here to tell you 7 Myth-Busting Holiday Traditions:

The Top 5 Oldest People Who Ever Lived

The Bible may have said that certain characters lived to be over 900 years old, but in the modern world, that is simply just impossible. However, with recorded history, we can go back and take a look at the oldest people who ever lived – and here is another surprising fact – over 90% of the elderly were women!

10 Super Cool Things You HAVE To Own

Christmastime is just round the corner and if you’ve been good, you can wish for any of these items listed here and you might just find it under your tree! These things are just too cool to pass over…

4.20 Random Facts About Marijuana

Why 4.20? Because 420 would just be too much! Here are some Random facts about everyone’s favorite girl, Mary Jane…

10 Awesome STAR WARS Facts

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is all set for a winter release and fans all over the world are waiting with bated breath, hoping that Disney will do justice to the beloved franchise. Before it comes out and re-creates its original frenzy, let’s take a look at 10 Awesome Star Wars Facts…

5 Shocking Facts About The Lion King

In case it hasn’t happened already, you’re childhood is about to be ruined! When we are little cherubs, everything was about bubbles and balloons – basically, we were innocent to the ways of the world. But it’s time to change all that. Here are 5 Shocking Facts About The Lion King that will have you questioning everything:

Do you remember the beginning of the movie when something is sung as the sun rises to the world of Simba? Yes, we all did sing along but had no clue to what it meant – it was Zulu and the exact words were: “Here comes a lion, father; Oh yes, it’s a lion”. Fascinating, right? Imagine what it would sound like if it was sung in plain English!

7 humungous sea creatures

Here are the most unbelievably gigantic sea creatures that exist in the deep blue oceans that is hard to fathom.

Photo source: http://io9.com/5879367/this-photo-of-the-super-jellyfish-its-a-lie

Photo source: io9.com

1.Mane Jellyfish – The world’s longest animal in the ocean is the lion’s mane jellyfish. It tops the list of the longest animal because of its really long tentacles which can measure way beyond. The the longest known specimen under this specie stretched to a whooping 120 feet in length.

6 most spectacular mega projects

These mega infrastructures are jaw dropping! They are huge in size & scale and breaking records to newer heights. Soaring skyscrapers, tunnels cutting through unreached zones and bridges stretched across territories. Here are the mammoth infrastructure projects on earth.


1. Port Mann Bridge, Vancouver, B.C – It has the record of the widest bridge in the world. It was built is 6 years costing $ 1.92 billion. The bridge east of Vancouver, B.C., which opened in 2012, remains the second-longest bridge in North America. The cable-stay bridge uses an impressive 288 cables to reach a total bridge length of 6,866 feet.

8 surprising food history facts!

Let’s know some food history facts of how they came into being and how they were discovered! They are indeed surprising!

1. In ancient Egypt, onions were an object of worship. In Latin, onion translates to large pearl. Egyptians buried them with their pharaohs and presented baskets full as funeral offerings.