Food Ads Will Never Be The Same…Tricks Ahead

21 March 2016,   By ,   0 Comments

Have you ever wondered how food from commercials always look so fresh and juicy and when you see it in reality it represents a flattened piece of processed food? How do companies manage to advertise mouthwatering products but are unable to deliver in reality? Well, their secrets are hidden no more – we unveil the reality behind the illusion of good advertising and photography:

Cakes often look springy and fluffy for a very hard reason – there’s cardboard between the layers of sponge. The outer parts of the cake are then smothered with frosting and other delicious paraphernalia to give us a hankering for a sweet slice of dessert heaven.

Advertisers deceiving us with cardboard cakes

Advertisers deceiving us with cardboard cakes

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