Change in climate can change color of oceans

Don’t expect the oceans to look the same in future. Don’t worry as it will not turn pink or anything that is radically different, but the change is expected to be more apparent through optic sensors than through a human eye. However a new study has said that it is also an early warning sign that global warming is significantly altering the ecosystems of the planet.

A change in the climate will make the blue portions of the ocean bluer and the green portions greener. This was figured out by the scientists by creating a global model that stimulates the growth of a tiny creature that lives in the oceans and affects the color that we can see. The recent research was published on February 4, 2019 in the journal Nature Communications. For the human eye, the ocean looks blue or green due to a combination of how the sunlight interacts with the water molecules and with whatever that lives in the water.

The molecules in the water absorb everything but the blue part of the spectrum of the sunlight and the water reflects the blue color back. That is the color that is seen by the human eyes. In the same way the water seems green when it has more phytoplankton, tiny, micro organisms which are like plants and use chlorphyl to capture mostly the blue portions of the spectrum of sunlight. The photosynthesis is used to create the chemical energy that they need to live. In presence of more of such creatures in the water absorbing sunlight, it makes the water look greener.

On the other hand if there are few phytoplankton, the water looks bluer. The growth of the creatures depends on how much sunlight , nutrients and carbon-di-oxides are around. A change in climate is altering the ocean currents which means there will be fewer nutrients for phytoplankton to feed on in some areas.

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How well do you know Harry Potter creator J K Rowling?

Imagine a world without Harry Potter. Thanks to the imaginareums of its creator, author J K Rowling, our childhood was transformed from ordinary happenstances to the magical world of wizardry! Though Harry Potter fans may know the ins and outs of the boy wizard, how much do you really know about his creator, J K Rowling?


Harry Potter station


J K Rowling and Harry Potter actually share the same birthday, July 31!

Before J K Rowling became one of the richest people in the United Kingdom, she was an ordinary citizen like you and me. One night, she was travelling by train and was suddenly struck by the wonder of the boy wizard. So she jotted her ideas down on a napkin.

It’s not that Rowling didn’t try for success. Unfortunately, 12 publishing houses rejected her book proposal. Then Bloomsbury agreed to publish Harry Potter and well, you know what happens next!

Quidditch is one of the most popular fantasy games out there today. Did you know that the author filled up five notebooks full of made-believe names starting with the letter ‘Q’? Amazing!

What is J K Rowling’s full name? That’s right. Very few know it. Her full name is Joanne Kathleen Rowling. And get this…she actually doesn’t have a middle name. She just borrowed the name “Kathleen” from her grandmother!

Though J K Rowling is the godmother of children’s novels, she actually wrote a book for adults, called The Casual Vacancy in 2012.

In case you see a book by author Robert Galbraith, know that it is actually J K Rowling’s “pen name”. Yes, she has written another book under that pen name.

How come she picked King’s Cross Station of every station in the United Kingdom? It holds a special place in her heart, because that is where her parents first met!

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Awesome Facts You Didn’t Know About That 70s Show

“Hello, Wisconsin!”

One of our favorite shows, ever, That 70s Show was last aired a decade ago, in May of 2006 (can you believe it?!) The show was about a bunch of teenagers growing up in the 70s, a time when American society was just opening up and evolving into something more “modernized”. The cast itself was brilliantly put together, and each character lived up to expectations. All have moved on, some to A-list careers, but they still remain friends to this day, the closest being Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who are now married with 2 children.

Here are some super awesome facts on your favorite TV show that you probably didn’t know about already…


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The “stoner circle” is one typical of a group of friends sitting for a session of pot smoking. Due to censors, the show couldn’t actually show a joint being passed around, so smoke was let off in the room and the camera went around the circle, though each character really did act stoned and even a noob could tell you that it is the epic puff, puff, pass way of doing things.


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Kurtwood Smith, who plays Red Forman was the only member of the cast who is actually from Wisconsin and probably grew up in the same era that the show is about. And, the character of the Forman patriarch was supposed to be played by Chuck Norris, but he was too busy with Texas Ranger. Looks like Smith did a pretty good job, though we never saw the foot up anyone’s *ass!


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Mila Kunis, who played Jackie Burkheart was only 14 years old when she got the part, though she lied to producers and said she was 16 at the time. Danny Masterson, who played Steven Hyde was the eldest kid in the circle, 22 at the time. So, when the show actually ended, Kunis was then 22 years old!


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Love was in the air! During the filming of the show, Laura Prepon who played Donna Pinciotti, was datinf Danny Masterson’s brother. Though Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkheart were steady as a couple on-screen, off-screen actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis had their own separate lives. Mila has famously said that it was long after the show was over that the two began to hook up as friends with benefits, which slowly turned to love. Now, the two are married with 2 kids!


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FEZ, played by Wilmer Valderrama, is actually a short-form for Foreign Exchange Student. No one really knows his full name throughout the show, neither from where he comes. Jackie is the only character who calls people by their names, while everyone else refers to the other by their last names.


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And last but not least, there would never have been the name, “That 70s Show”. Originally, the writers wanted to name it after song titles by The Who – Teenage Wasteland or The Kids Are Alright. Due to copyright issues, they settled for their simple title, which, as you would have it, created history.

Revisiting The Mysterious Land Of Atlantis

Everybody loves a good mystery. Whether it emanates from the pages of a dog-eared Agatha Christie novel or conspiracy theories conjured up by “experts”, there is no end to efforts being made to demystify phenomenon that plagued the earth now and in the past. One of the topics at the top of such a list would be about the long-lost island of Atlantis. Believed to be hidden by the expansive waters of our planet’s oceans, there have been numerous stories about the magical isle and morals that warn us about what could happen to the future of our generation if we were to meet a similar fateful end. Let’s revisit the mysteriously magical land of Atlantis and all its fabulous possibilities:



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Earliest Mentions

No one really knew of the existence of Atlantis until it was mentioned in the work of Plato – Timaeus and Critias – where the Atlantans attacked ancient Athens but failed to conquer, due to the latter’s “ideal state” and later fell out of favor with the gods that resulted in the land diving to the bottom of the ocean. He claimed that it existed some 9,000 years before his present day and that it was located beyond the Pillars of Hercules. Many other philosophers, especially from the Renaissance period referenced Atlantis, but only because Plato did it first. Most notable was in Thomas More’s Utopia.

 Modern Theories

Ever since the European lot traversed the world and discovered new lands, there was rife speculation among them about the existence of Atlantis. When they came upon the New World, they made the connection between the ancient Mayan civilization to that of the lost isle. The former disappeared suddenly, but the best part is that they left behind a rich heritage – complete with a calendar and huge pyramid-like structures that spoke of their religiously cult past. Though there isn’t any physical evidence of Atlantis, many believe it faced a similar fate to that of the Mayans.

Crazy Fiction

There are many who believed and tried to convince others, that Atlantis is located in the Bermuda region. The Bermuda triangle itself has been at the centre of some of the most weirdest theories since it is said to have swallowed up many a missing ship and airplane alike. This region has been seldom explored and is avoided by travelers who prefer preserving their lives instead of delving into the mysteries of the deep. But anyhow, that’s crazy talk and doesn’t hold significance among the archaeological and scientific community.

Though there is no substantial evidence to prove any theorist either completely right or terrifically wrong, what we can learn about a land long lost but not forgotten, is that we need to preserve our own and that the way we seem to be currently polluting it means that we, too may find ourselves and heritage at the bottom of an ocean, never to be found again – merely a mystery to the annals of history.

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Food Ads Will Never Be The Same…Tricks Ahead

Have you ever wondered how food from commercials always look so fresh and juicy and when you see it in reality it represents a flattened piece of processed food? How do companies manage to advertise mouthwatering products but are unable to deliver in reality? Well, their secrets are hidden no more – we unveil the reality behind the illusion of good advertising and photography:

Cakes often look springy and fluffy for a very hard reason – there’s cardboard between the layers of sponge. The outer parts of the cake are then smothered with frosting and other delicious paraphernalia to give us a hankering for a sweet slice of dessert heaven.

Advertisers deceiving us with cardboard cakes

Advertisers deceiving us with cardboard cakes

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5 Everyday Activities Of The West Banned In North Korea

If you thought that your comfy life is in shambles, wait till you read what citizens of North Korea have to put up with under the dictatorship of Kim Jong-Un. In a modern world, it is a wonder how all of these archaic activities are still permitted, and why no one is trying to stop this madness of indoctrination, brain washing and subduing rule. Read on to find out 5 Everyday Activities Of The West Banned In North Korea:


Remember when we cried as kids because our parents told us to “stop watching TV” after we were in front of the idiot box for hours on end? Think about the North Koreans the next time you start to whine or your ungrateful kids complain. In North Korea, the only TV you are allowed to watch is 24/7 State propaganda. No HBO. No Netflix. No TV that has not been manufactured by the mad men in the government. It seems that in the past couple of years over 100 people have been executed for watching television.

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6 most spectacular mega projects

These mega infrastructures are jaw dropping! They are huge in size & scale and breaking records to newer heights. Soaring skyscrapers, tunnels cutting through unreached zones and bridges stretched across territories. Here are the mammoth infrastructure projects on earth.


1. Port Mann Bridge, Vancouver, B.C – It has the record of the widest bridge in the world. It was built is 6 years costing $ 1.92 billion. The bridge east of Vancouver, B.C., which opened in 2012, remains the second-longest bridge in North America. The cable-stay bridge uses an impressive 288 cables to reach a total bridge length of 6,866 feet.