Change in climate can change color of oceans

Don’t expect the oceans to look the same in future. Don’t worry as it will not turn pink or anything that is radically different, but the change is expected to be more apparent through optic sensors than through a human eye. However a new study has said that it is also an early warning sign that global warming is significantly altering the ecosystems of the planet.

A change in the climate will make the blue portions of the ocean bluer and the green portions greener. This was figured out by the scientists by creating a global model that stimulates the growth of a tiny creature that lives in the oceans and affects the color that we can see. The recent research was published on February 4, 2019 in the journal Nature Communications. For the human eye, the ocean looks blue or green due to a combination of how the sunlight interacts with the water molecules and with whatever that lives in the water.

The molecules in the water absorb everything but the blue part of the spectrum of the sunlight and the water reflects the blue color back. That is the color that is seen by the human eyes. In the same way the water seems green when it has more phytoplankton, tiny, micro organisms which are like plants and use chlorphyl to capture mostly the blue portions of the spectrum of sunlight. The photosynthesis is used to create the chemical energy that they need to live. In presence of more of such creatures in the water absorbing sunlight, it makes the water look greener.

On the other hand if there are few phytoplankton, the water looks bluer. The growth of the creatures depends on how much sunlight , nutrients and carbon-di-oxides are around. A change in climate is altering the ocean currents which means there will be fewer nutrients for phytoplankton to feed on in some areas.

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Which Of These Oreos Flavors Have You Tried?

Our favorite cookie, in good times and bad, Oreos has been there to keep company with our glass of milk. Though everyone loves the original biscuit sandwich – two dark chocolate cookies with a delicious vanilla cream in the centre – Oreos have come up with a long list of “Limited Edition” flavors that really puts other competitors to shame. All hail the Oreos Flavored Cookies. Which Of These Oreos Flavors Have You Tried?


Filled Cupcake Oreo

Filled Cupcake Oreo

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The Filled Cupcake Oreo came with the regular two dark chocolate biscuits on the outside and chocolate on the inside, with white cream in the core. Though it does sound exciting, there were many saying that it tasted like a regular chocolate with vanilla Oreo and ultimately didn’t live up to its hype. But that’s a good idea in any case, no? Review

Celebrity Lookalikes!

It’s always exciting to come across your doppelgänger and wonder how another ugly person is surviving in this vain world (LOL). They say that you have 7 look-alikes around the globe, and when it comes to Hollywood, that world is smaller than we would imagine. There are several stories of celebrities who find their regular-life doppelgängers who have to have to live in the shadows just because they resemble an attention-seeking celeb. But imagine if you were a celebrity in Hollywood and you had your doppelgänger in the same industry! Looks like tinsel town has it’s types. Check out these Celebrity Look-Alikes!

Jaime Pressly and Margot Robbie

Though one star is bigger than the other, there is no denying the uncanny similarity between Margot and a much-older Jaime. They are from different parts of the world even – Margot is from Australia, but damn, these beauties could easily be mistaken for the other any day!

Jaime Pressly - Margot Robbie

Jaime Pressly – Margot Robbie

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Fantastic Inventions By Women

They say it’s a man’s world. But that’s not completely true – because there are kickass women in history who have invented some of the things that we can’t live without even today. For example, did you know a woman invented the Chocolate Chip Cookie? What would your life be without Chips Ahoy! and how would you kill time with friends without some Monopoly? Yes, the board game was created by a woman as well! Check out these Fantastic Inventions By Women and prepare to be amazed…

5 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Spongebob Squarepants

When you were child (and even now as an adult) you may have loved your Spongebob Squarepants time on Nickelodeon. Bikini Bottom was the place to be! Though many cartoons have come and gone, Spongebob Squarepants remains the cartoon love of many people. Here we give you 5 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Spongebob Squarepants. Prepare to be amazed!

Krusty Krab is the joint of Bikini Bottom that serves up Kelp Fries and Krabby Patties. What are the patties made of btw? No, you don’t get cows down there, and munching on something fishy would mean that Spongebob and company were cannibalistic! So, when the creators were asked the secret ingredients, it was revealed that they are actually Vegetarian! PETA must be so proud of Mr. Krabs! Also, the shape of Krusty Krab resembles a lobster trap from Maine! Creative, isn’t it?!

5 Everyday Activities Of The West Banned In North Korea

If you thought that your comfy life is in shambles, wait till you read what citizens of North Korea have to put up with under the dictatorship of Kim Jong-Un. In a modern world, it is a wonder how all of these archaic activities are still permitted, and why no one is trying to stop this madness of indoctrination, brain washing and subduing rule. Read on to find out 5 Everyday Activities Of The West Banned In North Korea:


Remember when we cried as kids because our parents told us to “stop watching TV” after we were in front of the idiot box for hours on end? Think about the North Koreans the next time you start to whine or your ungrateful kids complain. In North Korea, the only TV you are allowed to watch is 24/7 State propaganda. No HBO. No Netflix. No TV that has not been manufactured by the mad men in the government. It seems that in the past couple of years over 100 people have been executed for watching television.

5 Hollywood Couples Who Give Us Relationship Goals

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Hollywood’s favorite man, Tom Hanks and fellow actress, Rita Wilson have been married now for over 27 years! That’s something hard to imagine in the film industry, what with Hanks being surrounded by beautiful leading ladies as well. But it seems that this union is here to stay. In an interview at the Outfest Legacy Awards in Los Angeles, he was asked about the secret to a long marriage. “I wish there was a secret, you know,” he said, “We just like each other. You start there.” If that isn’t adorable enough, he added, “I still can’t believe my wife goes out with me.” And we melt in a puddle.

5 Mind-Blowing Inventions Of The Past

Patents have been made for all sorts of inventions – from the weirdest, to the most sensational. Some inventions made sense, while others felt so outlandish. Here are 5 Mind-Blowing Inventions Of The Past:

Hairline Brush

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The weird invention of Ted Spence, the Hairline Brush is supposed to fit the head of a balding person and comb the scalp. The brush itself was curved to the apparent shape of a head with a handle and was split in two parts – a brush for the combing and a pad-type thing that helped massage the head.

Get To Know The Suicide Squad

Ever since we got to know about the August 2016 release of DC Comic’s Suicide Squad, people have been waiting with baited breath to be introduced to the “worst of the worst”. Though we are mesmerized by the trailers, let’s be honest with ourselves – we don’t really know ALL the members. Sure, characters like The Joker and Harley Quinn may be the most recognized, but what about the others? Let’s help you Get To Know The Suicide Squad…

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5 Transcending Facts About The Universe

Man may have advanced in science and other fields, but we still haven’t been able to capture the entire expanse of the Universe. In infiniteness extends beyond the borders of our imagination as it stretches forth forever. Here are 5 Transcending Facts About The Universe: