5 Everyday Activities Of The West Banned In North Korea

If you thought that your comfy life is in shambles, wait till you read what citizens of North Korea have to put up with under the dictatorship of Kim Jong-Un. In a modern world, it is a wonder how all of these archaic activities are still permitted, and why no one is trying to stop this madness of indoctrination, brain washing and subduing rule. Read on to find out 5 Everyday Activities Of The West Banned In North Korea:


Remember when we cried as kids because our parents told us to “stop watching TV” after we were in front of the idiot box for hours on end? Think about the North Koreans the next time you start to whine or your ungrateful kids complain. In North Korea, the only TV you are allowed to watch is 24/7 State propaganda. No HBO. No Netflix. No TV that has not been manufactured by the mad men in the government. It seems that in the past couple of years over 100 people have been executed for watching television.