Big Secrets From The “Unsinkable” Titanic

It’s been 104 years since the unsinkable ship, Titanic, collided with an iceberg and met with a tragic fate. The incident that killed hundreds of people and stayed imprinted in our memories has inspired many things – James Cameron to make an Oscar-winning epic love story on the ship and a Titanic II being built and set for a voyage in 2018. However, there were many theories, stories, controversial topics and heartbreaking stories that emerged from the original “ship that even God cannot sink”. Let’s take a look at the Big Secrets From The “Unsinkable” Titanic:

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The true heroes of the Titanic – the crew and orchestra

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If you saw the Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet flick (of course you did!) you would have noticed the scene where the band keeps playing Amazing Grace as a harrowed and jittery crowd tries to make its way to the lifeboats. Well, this happened in real life as well. While a priest stayed back to hear confessions and give the last rites to those bound to their fate in a watery grave, the orchestra played calming music to ease the tension in the air.

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Chef Charles Joughin of the Titanic who survived after hitting a bottle of rum

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There was a chef of the Titanic who drank himself sorry after hearing about the largest ship ever built not making it to shore. But it looks like all that rum did him good because he was the only one who survived for 2 hours in the freezing Atlantic waters as his body temperature, coupled with the alcohol kept him warm. Let’s toast to that!

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The rich and the selfish passengers of the Titanic

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To say that the rich and privileged on the Titanic were a pompous bunch is an understatement – the lifeboats that were provided to them on priority were not filled to capacity and could have saved so many more passengers. Alas, their allergy to the poorer lot resulted in so many more deaths. There was also a drill before the maiden voyage to teach passengers how to use lifeboats, but that was cancelled for some random reason.

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Sorry for the blurry image. But this is the original iceberg that was the cause of Titanic’s fate.

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The infamous iceberg that caused the biggest tragedy for civilians at sea had been floating around since 1000BC. And as a matter of fact, it might still exist today. And it seems that if the captain had spotted the iceberg just 30 seconds earlier, they could have avoided the tragedy. The binoculars that would have helped were safely locked away and the keys were apparently lost.

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Titanic was one of the most epic movies ever made, directed by James Cameron and won 11 Oscars

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And to speak again about the blockbuster movie by James Cameron – it won a total of 11 Oscars, though none for acting. The song My Heart Will Go On by French-Canadian singer, Celine Dion was favorited by every citizen of the earth – except for Kate Winslet who hated it and in typical British pomp said that she feels like vomiting when she hears it.